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As a driver in the Civic Cup, and having driven almost exclusively Front Wheel Drive cars for the last few years, I am a big fan and absolutely love driving them. I think this is particularly relevant, as most of us start our driving careers in FWD cars, and a FWD hot hatch is one of the most common trackday tools or first performance car. In this article I am going to describe how a well set up FWD car like a Civic Cup Car behaves on track and some techniques you can use to get the most out of any...

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***DISCLAIMER*** First a quick disclaimer. This technique is aimed at track driving ONLY and works best when heavily braking. We are not responsible if you try this on the road and put your pride and joy in a ditch or worse. Save these things for the track where it’s safe to try them out and learn, to start with at least. Now the disclaimer is out of the way, this article aims to shed some light on the driving technique known as “heel and toe”. This technique is generally employed by racing drivers while driving on circuits and rally stages....

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Left foot braking, a phrase oft spoken in hushed tones usually while recounting the skill of legendary drivers in motorsport. But what actually is it and why is it seen as such a big deal? Left foot braking as we are discussing here is mainly relevant to a manual car (cars with paddle shift are normally left foot braked regardless of situation). It is the technique of using your left foot to actuate the brakes of your car usually mid corner or where a downshift (where your left foot would be needed to use the clutch) is not necessary. So...

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