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This article looks at one of the most critical parts of your car, from a safety, performance and enjoyment aspect – brakes. We will look at some of the technical aspects of the braking system for road and race cars, and the parts available to increase your braking performance. The braking system is one of the simplest in the car, but tends to be the source of much confusion. I’m going to explain the brakes from an engineering point of view (stay with me on this….) It might seem complicated but really the best way to understand the system is...

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Many people have a new year’s resolution to go on a diet to try to lose weight. Here at Motorsport Essentials we’re fans of a rather different form of weight saving, namely losing weight from your car to help you go faster! This article will be discussing the benefits of weight saving and where best to start to put your car on a diet. Let’s start with the basics; the key word to all weight saving, which you’ll see crop up in multiple forms throughout this article, is inertia. The definition of inertia is how resistant an object is to...

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