Schroth Enduro 6 Point Harness

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In our opinion the best harness money can buy. A super high quality 6 point harness optimised for endurance competition. Incredibly comfortable to wear, easy to get strapped into and packed with every feature you could possibly want.

Built in loops to bungee the harness straps to the roll cage - this pulls the harnesses away for quick driver changes

3" or 2" shoulder straps - 2" to fit perfectly over Frontal Head Restraint shoulder pads, or 3" if you use a different type of FHR, or want the harness to be more comfortable without an FHR at all!

Easy to tighten straps - the materials used in Schroth harnesses make them far easier than any other brand we have tried to tighten up. There really is no comparison.

Available in black or red.

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