Schroth Pro HANS Device

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A more professional level HANS device for those getting serious about weight saving. With HANS devices now mandatory at all levels of motorsport the HANS device has become more crucial than ever! Designed to restrict head movement during an impact, this device greatly reduces the chance of whiplash or similar injuries when paired with a proper racing harness.

    The Schroth Pro features the patented SlipStop™ friction surface to offer low slip against the harness. The Schroth Pro also features the Vision Advantage sliding tether system. With a weight of around 500g due to its carbon fibre construction, this really does help when every gram counts!

    Different versions are available with the 10 degree model for a very upright seating position such as truck racing. 20 degrees is most conventional for saloon car racing with a 30 degree model available for a more reclined position. The 40 degree model is the most reclined and only really appropriate for single seater use.

    Drop us an email if you're unsure which HANS device is most suitable for you as we're happy to advise on any purchase!

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